Arnault, Lawrence

Lawrence Arnault’s Métis and First Nations Family History Photographs and Cyprien Morin and His Descendants

Lawrence Arnault is very passionate about his family history and about Métis genealogy. He has spent a great deal of time compiling genealogical information and acquiring photographs of the Métis and First Nations who have lived or had roots in northwestern Saskatchewan, particularly Meadow Lake, Green Lake, and Ile-à-la Crosse. The Gabriel Dumont Institute (GDI) acknowledges and commends Lawrence’s efforts to preserve Métis family heritage in northern Saskatchewan. 

Lawrence has collected the photographs on this webpage for a very long time. Many community members willingly donated them in order to fully document their family history. It is in this spirit which Lawrence so graciously agreed to allow the Institute the right to host these treasured family photographs on this website. As a keeper of Métis history and culture, GDI is honoured by Lawrence’s generosity to share them with the public. While these photographs are to be viewed and enjoyed, they are for reference purposes only. Copyright for these photographs rests exclusively with Lawrence Arnault and the people (and/or their living descendants) who appear in them. If there are any errors, omissions, misspelled names or any other pertinent contextual or genealogical information relating to these photographs that you want to submit, please send all inquiries and comments to GDI will then ensure that Lawrence receives this information.

At the same time, GDI is also pleased to release Lawrence Arnault’s genealogical resource, Cyprien Morin and His Descendants for free distribution to the public. A printable PDF version of this document appears on this page. Lawrence has spent a great deal of time compiling information relating to his ancestor, Cyprien Morin as well as Cyprien’s many descendants. This resource can be downloaded and freely distributed. However, it may not be quoted or reproduced without the permission of Lawrence Arnault or the Institute. As with any genealogical work, there may be errors or omissions in this resource. If so, please direct them to the following email address: GDI will then pass this information on to the author.