Merasty, Flora, Desjarlais, Sarah and Desjarlais, Georgina

Title: Merasty, Flora, Desjarlais, Sarah and Desjarlais, Georgina
Subject: Merasty, Flora, Desjarlais, Sarah, Desjarlais, Georgina
Description: Flora Merasty (left), Sarah Desjarlais (right) and Georgina Desjarlais (standing).
On the 1901 census for Flying Dust, at Meadow Lake, SK Flora was known as Keesakoowatum, which means angel in Cree and was 24 years old. She was the wife of Joseph Mercial (later changed to Merasty)who was listed on this census as 29 years old. This census also lists an eight year old son, Louis. Joseph Mercial was also know by the last name Mistick. The chief of Flying Dust reserve in 2010 was a grandson to Louis Merasty/Mercial.
Sarah Desjarlais was the daughter of Francois Desjarlais and Marie LaFramboise and was born in Lac La Biche, AB in 1881. The story goes that Sarah married a man named Francois, however he had no surname so they used hers. On the 1901 Flying Dust census Francois and Sarah Desjarlais appear aged 22 and 26, respectively; along with a song William aged 1 and a daughter Maria, aged 0. Eliza Desjarlais, daughter of Francois and Sarah, married Louis Merasty, son of Flora and Joseph Merasty.
Georgina was the daughter of Francois and Sarah Desjarlais. She married Cyril Morin, son of Louis Morin and Marguerite Jourdain. Louis Morin was a younger brother to Cyprien Morin of Meadow Lake, SK.
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