Lalibertes and Morins

Title: Lalibertes and Morins
Subject: Arnault, Lawrence, Laliberte, Morin
Description: Back row left to right are: Christine Aubichon (née Laliberte), Virginia Morin, Leon Morin, John (O-skin-eek-sees) Laliberte, Celestin (Tsee tsa) Laliberte. The woman and baby second from right are Bella and Gerald Morin. This image is to be used for research purposes only. The reproduction of this image in whole or in part is strictly prohibited without the permission of the copyright holder. Copyright for this image belongs to Lawrence Arnault, and/or the person(s) in the photograph, and/or their descendants
Publisher: Gabriel Dumont Institute
Type: Image
Date of Copyright: March 11, 2009
GDI Media Filename: arnault 237.jpg

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