How to Fingerweave

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The First Row

Starting with the last strand on the right, place it over the strand beside it, and then under the next strand. Go over the next strand, and under the next. Continue going over then under until you’ve reached the end and place that strand up and out of the way.

You’ll see that the strand has divided the 11 other strands into a front (5 strands) and back (6 strands). When you lift all of the front strands you can see the strand you have woven is loose in between the front and back. Drop the front strands back down and pull the woven strand tight so that it’s snug at the top of the strands.

Holding Right Strand
Up and out of way
Loose Strand

Subsequent Rows

For every subsequent row, grab the rightmost strand from the back, and start by weaving it over the strand in the front, under the next strand in the back, over the front, under the back, over the front, under the back, until you are all the way through again.

Now place that woven strand over the strand that was previously “up,” and bring down the “up” strand to become the leftmost bottom strand of the new row.

To keep your sash tight, hold the front and back strands in each hand and give a little tug up, and then tug the latest woven strand to tighten it up against the other woven strands.

Continue this process until the sash is as long as you want it.

Finishing Your Sash

When you have reached your desired length, it’s time to tie off the ends. To tie off the sash in twos, grab the two leftmost front and back strands and tie a knot to secure them at the base of the last woven strand. Continue with each subsequent front and back pair, tying off each.

Remove the weaving stick and repeat this process to secure the top strands to the sash.

The fringes will likely be different lengths so you may consider cutting them to be all the same length. Other ways you can finish your fringes include braiding them, unraveling the yarn, cutting the strands at an angle, or possibly another idea the student has.

Congratulations! You are now a fingerweaver!

Even Fringes
Angled Fringes
Unravelled Fringes