How to Fingerweave

Introduction | Background | Set-Up | Weaving | Tips


Yarn - Have a variety of colours available to choose from.
Popsicle Sticks - Students will need 3 sticks each.
Masking Tape - To make weaving sticks and to tape down the stick on the edge of a table or desk.
Scissors - To cut the yarn.
Patience! - It takes time to start to weave and may be frustrating, but once you have the technique it’s just a matter of repeating.


Setting Up

Cut your wool - Choose three colours and cut four strands per colour. For length, stick your arm out to the side, holding the end in your hand, measure to the middle of your chest. Cut there. Make the rest of your strands the same length.

Yarn Length

Make your weaving stick - place two sticks end to end. Place the third stick on top of the first two, bracing them together. Wrap the third stick to the other two using masking tape to secure the sticks together.

Popsicle Sticks

Place wool on your stick - Loop each strand on the stick leaving enough length on top in order to tie the 12 strands together so they will not slip off the stick. It’s a good idea to keep the colours together as it will make a rainbow design when woven, allowing students to easily spot mistakes.

Get ready to weave!