How to Fingerweave

Introduction | Background | Set-Up | Weaving | Tips

Hand-made Sash by Scott Duffee

If you’re hoping to learn the art of fingerweaving, you’ve come to the right website!

Through video, images, and text, you will be guided through the techniques of fingerweaving, and learn about the importance of the sash to the Metis.

This tutorial will teach you to weave a bookmark-sized sash. However, the skills you learn will allow you to weave a sash of any size. The only difference is the number and length of strands!

The background section of the website contains a history of the sash, as well as information on its uses and other fun facts.

The set-up section outlines materials and how to get started.

The weaving section is where the fingerweaving technique will be learned.

Lastly, the tips section is a helpful spot to improve your weaving skills as well as see links to other fingerweaving resources.

This website was created with the following Saskatchewan Grade 6 Arts Education Outcomes in mind, but can be done by all ages:

Creative/Productive (CP)

Investigate and use various visual art forms, images, and art-making processes to express ideas about identity.

Critical/Responsive (CR)

Investigate and identify ways that the arts can express ideas about identity.

Cultural/Historical (CH)

Investigate how personal, cultural, or regional identity may be reflected in arts expressions.

Identify ways that First Nations, Métis, and Inuit artists express cultural identity in contemporary work.