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In traditional Métis society, education was informal and was passed down to youth from the Elders or the “Old People”. This form of education centred on resource extraction and how to make a living off of the land. Since bison were at the centre of the Métis economy during the golden age of the Métis Nation (1816-1869), this hardy animal is a fitting symbol of traditional Métis education. Métis youth would have learned from their Elders the many useful and lifesaving applications, which this one animal provided to their entire society. This section contains all learning resources commissioned for the Virtual Museum, in addition to many of the Gabriel Dumont Institute’s proven educational resources from the past.

Learning Resources Collection

The Gabriel Dumont Institute (GDI) Publishing Department has published or produced more than 80 Métis-specific books and educational resources since the early 1980s.  This section contains many of GDI’s out-of-stock learning resources.  It also contains Métis-specific learning resources produced by Métis community members who work outside of the Institute.

Métis-specific books and learning and cultural resources, can obtained through the Gabriel Dumont Institute at shopmetis.ca.


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Out-of-Print Gabriel Dumont Institute and Community Resources