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Title: Taanishi Books - Emergent Readers - Michif Card
Creator: Gabriel Dumont Institute
Subject: Michif, Early Readers, Taanishi Books
Description: Taanishi Books–Emergent Reader Series

This levelled reader set contains 27 books under 9 different themes, all relating to Métis culture. The books are available in English and in Michif/English versions with Michif audio CDs. Levelling and lesson plans included in the books apply only to the English text.

Perhaps only 5-10% of Métis people can speak any of the Michif languages. Most of these speakers are elderly. There is, therefore, a real possibility that these languages will become lost. If the Métis lose these languages, they will lose not only ways of communicating, but also unique worldviews and a wealth of accompanying cultural knowledge, including spiritual systems, oral traditions, harvesting strategies, and healing techniques. The Michif languages are consequently vehicles for transmitting cultural values and wisdom across time and place.

Michif-language resource and program development are vital if these languages are to survive. This pressing need is especially true for children and youth, as demographic projections indicate that the Métis are, and will be, a young population for some time. These emergent readers address this issue since it will help preserve and promote Métis culture and demonstrate the value of the languages and culture to Métis youth.

The Gabriel Dumont Institute (GDI) is committed to revitalizing and banking the Michif languages, with a focus on Heritage Michif, which is at the greatest risk. For many of GDI’s Michif resources, visit www.metismuseum.ca/michif_tools.php. You will find a dictionary of over 11,500 words, over 60 lesson plans on various themes, and many more resources.
Publisher: Gabriel Dumont Institute
Date: 2015
Type: Text Document
Format: .pdf
Identifier: Taanishi Books - Michif Explanation Card.pdf
Language: English
Date of Copyright: April 27, 2015
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