New Recruits, Meadow Lake, WW II

Title: New Recruits, Meadow Lake, WW II
Subject: Photography, Military, War, Veterans
Description: Photograph of a group of men from Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan who enlisted in the army on June 25, 1940. The men in the back row are: Rfn. A.E. Speer (L-27877), Rfn. G. Landry (L-27886), E.A. Nault (L-27868), Rfn. W.M. Nault (L-27869), Rfn. A. Hein (L-27830), F. Gladue (L-27866), Rfn. P. Lariviere (L-27675), Rfn. W.J. Shaw (L-27883), H. Lang (L-278__), and Rfn. Cullen (L-278__). The men in the front row are: Rfn. J.O. Beaudry (L-27867), Rfn. A. Spenst (L-27873), J.B. Morin (L-27831), Rfn. J.J. Marion (L-27871), Rfn. C.L. Merasty (L-27892), D.T. Moloney (L-27828), Rfn. E. Frisky (L-278__), Rfn. C.R. Fleury (L-27865), J.T. Fiddler (L-27829), Rfn. A. Falcon (L-27236), and Rfn. G. Whelan (L-27876). The M├ętis men are: Landry, both Nault's, Gladue, Lariviere, Beaudry, Morin, Marion, Merasty, Fleury, Fiddler and Falcon.
Publisher: Gabriel Dumont Institute
Date: 1940
Type: Image
Format: image/jpeg
Identifier: GDI.HP.0193
Language: English
Date of Copyright: May 30, 2003
Coverage: Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan
GDI Media Location: DVD 2
GDI Media Filename: edking_50.jpg

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