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_____________________________[Once upon a time] there were _____________________________[two men] out hunting for _____________________________[food]. They couldn't kill anything _____________________________[right away] and they became _____________________________[very hungry]. Then _____________________________[one of them] happened to see a _____________________________[chicken] and shot it with his _____________________________[bow] and _____________________________[arrow].

They built a _____________________________[fire] and _____________________________[cooked] the chicken on a _____________________________[stick]. The _____________________________[man] who had _____________________________[killed] the chicken didn't want to share it with his _____________________________[partner], so they decided to have a _____________________________[contest] to see _____________________________[who] would get the _____________________________[chicken]. They agreed that whoever had the most unusual _____________________________[dream] would get the _____________________________[chicken] all to himself.

When they were ready for _____________________________[bed], _____________________________[one of them] decided to _____________________________[wait] for the _____________________________[other] to _____________________________[sleep]. When he heard him _____________________________[snoring], he got up _____________________________[slowly] so as to not _____________________________[make a noise] and _____________________________[ate] all the chicken.

_____________________________[In the morning] when they got up, the _____________________________[man] who had _____________________________[slept]told his _____________________________[partner] what he had _____________________________[dreamt]. He had dreamt that he was on a _____________________________[stairway] to _____________________________[heaven] and had seen his _____________________________[grandfather] coming to _____________________________[meet] him. When he asked his partner what he had dreamt, his _____________________________[partner] said, "I _____________________________[believe] you because _____________________________[I saw you] on your way up so I thought to _____________________________[myself] - since he won't be down here for _____________________________[awhile], I might as well eat the chicken by myself."

nipayikaashoo achiyow kii miitshoo payyek wiiyawow awaana li skalyii payhtuk aen naasaasyii pawata la poul enn flaysh kii wapamitin taapwayhta kiishitew kii pawatum shaymaak aen naasaasyii aen homm la poul nipaa li trayn ooshtaa nakishkawut moonayhwew loot la poul aen homm dimaen mataen li syel kii nipow mitooni aen noohtaykatayhk aen naasaasyii payhtaa li feu aen bwaa payyek wiiyawow aen naark niiya ikoo deu zomm li maanzhii matwayhkwaamiw li lii kayaash maana mooshoom
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