New Nation Magazine

The New Nation: La noovel naasyoon, is a quarterly publication of the Gabriel Dumont Institute (GDI), which promotes Métis history and culture, the Institute’s activities and programs, and the larger Métis community in the province. We would like to see as many people as possible read it, so the digital edition is being released at the same time as the limited-run print edition. As such, The New Nation: La noovel naasyoon will no longer be available by paid subscription.  Paid advertising queries are welcome.

GDI’s mission—to promote the renewal and the development of Métis culture through research, materials development, collections and the distribution of those materials and the development and delivery of Métis-specific educational programs and services—, which guides the Institute’s work, provides a wide variety of topics to cover in the magazine. 

For inquiries regarding The New Nation: La noovel naasyoon feel free to contact us by telephone 306.934.4941, by fax 306.244.0252 or by email: