Moran, Rose (02)

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Title: Moran, Rose (02)
Creator: Moran, Rose
Subject: Moran, Rose, Michif, Lessons
Description: This is one of two audio recordings, from 1998, by Rose Moran (1933–2018) from Columbia Falls, Montana in which she provides Michif lessons. This file was donated by her great-niece, Seneca Landrie. Rose was married to another Métis, Alfred Moran and they had six children. Rose’s parents were Louis, Azure (d. 1996) and Catherine Bercier Azure (d. 2006). In the first recording, she discusses Métis history, how the US-Canada Border was imaginary to the Métis, why people ate a lot of rababoo with la gaalet during the depression. The lessons on the first recording focus on various basic greetings and salutations. The lessons on the second recoding focus on body parts, animals, food, weather, basic commands, and stories in Michif. These files can only be used for reference files only and cannot be reproduced or used in any way.
Date: 1998
Type: Audio
Date of Copyright: May 8, 2023
Coverage: Montana
GDI Media Filename: AuntRoseTeachingMichif(Part2).mp3

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