Landrie, Louis John (Louie), WWI

Title: Landrie, Louis John (Louie), WWI
Subject: Landry, Landrie, Louis, Louie, John, Montana, WWI
Description: This is an image of Louis (Louie) John Landrie (1896–1972), Big Horn, Montana (2nd row, 2nd from end) and other soldiers at Fort River, Washington during World War One. This image was donated to the Gabriel Dumont Institute by Seneca Landrie. The original source of this image rests with the Landrie family. This image must not be reproduced and can only be used for reference purposes only.
Date: 1910s
Type: Image
Date of Copyright: May 1, 2023
Coverage: Montana, Washington, Saskatchewan
GDI Media Filename: Louis-John Landrie WWI.JPG

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