Nitootimuk (Leaving Song)

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Title: Nitootimuk (Leaving Song)
Creator: Andrea Menard
Subject: Michif, Songs, Andrea Menard
Description: Nitootimuk (Leaving Song) is a gratitude and goodbye prayer to the Spirits and Nature Keepers who dwell in sacred places. As you leave a sacred place, you offer your warm thanks for the beauty, vitality and life experienced in your visit. By thanking the Beings who keep these places pristine and profound, you actively participate in sustaining health and wellness for all. It is a song of reciprocity. Like putting down tobacco, you sing this song to give back to those who give to you unconditionally.

Nitootimuk (Visiting and Leaving Song) Introduction:

Leaving Song
by Andrea Menard, translated with Tom McCallum

Nitootimuk (My relatives)
Oota kaweekiyeek (Who dwell in this place)
Eekwa ee keewiyan (I am going home now)
Tahki nakiskisin (I will always remember)
Ooma nakomowin (This song)
Nanaskomowin (The feeling of gratitude)
Kisiwatissiwin owow (For your kindness)
Publisher: Gabriel Dumont Institute
Date: 2022
Type: Audio
Format: .mp3
Language: Michif
Date of Copyright: November 10, 2022
GDI Media Filename: 11_Nitootimuk_(Leaving_Song).mp3

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