Memoirs of Crescent Lake—Nancy Leake

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Title: Memoirs of Crescent Lake—Nancy Leake
Creator: Leake, Nancy
Subject: Crescent Lake, Leake, Nancy, Hirsch, School, Allary, Douglas, Azure, Shingoose, Dakota
Description: This document is Nancy Leake’s memoirs of attending Crescent Lake School from 1946 to 1956. Her parents, John S. and Elizabeth Mary Hirsch were the first school teachers in the school.

This document is daily register of the Crescent Lake School kept by school teacher, John S. Hirsch and is part of the Nancy Leake Collection. In 2017, Nancy Leake (née Hirsch) donated a number of archival files relating to her family’s experience of living in Crescent Lake, Saskatchewan—a Métis road allowance community. In 1946, her father, John S. Hirsch (1898-1995) was hired as the school’s first school teacher and community relief worker. Her mother, Elizabeth Mary Hirsch (1914-2013) also taught at Crescent Lake School. The Hirsch family lived and worked in Crescent Lake for ten years from 1946 to 1956. Nancy has many wonderful memories of living in Crescent Lake, which she wrote about in her memoires and is included in this collection. The Nancy Leake Collection consists of the following items: 1) Her memoirs of Crescent Lake School; 2) Elven Daily School Registers for the School prepared by her father, John S. Hirsch; and 3) 57 photographs.
Date: 1946-1956
Type: Text Document
Date of Copyright: May 12, 2022
Coverage: Crescent Lake, Saskatchewan
GDI Media Filename: Memoirs of Crescent Lake School.pdf

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