National Indigenous Peoples Day 2021 Learning Resource

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Title: National Indigenous Peoples Day 2021 Learning Resource
Creator: Gabriel Dumont Institute
Subject: National Indigenous Peoples Day, Lesson Plan
Description: The Gabriel Dumont Institute in partnership with Parks Canada and Friends of Batoche have planned the day and are hosting the celebration. We celebrate the achievements and contributions the Inuit, the Métis, and the First Nations have made and continue to make. We celebrate the resiliency of these Indigenous Peoples.
You are invited to watch the premiere of an online celebration featuring Elders, performing artists, drummers, dancers, and special guests. The premiere is Monday, June 21st at 10:30 a.m. and

The celebration video will be available after the premiere at these sites.
We invite students, parents, teachers, and other who are interested, to explore the following sites, many with printable activities, and all with information related to the day.

Here you will find several activities related to the NIPD 2021 Celebration.
 A colouring page and activity in celebration of the nature trail at Batoche National Historic Site
 A colouring page related to the Métis ‐style ribbon skirts talked about in the video
 A colouring page of the Parks Canada mascot, Parka, fiddling in front of the iconic church at Batoche, the
heart of the community prior to 1885, the Saint Antoine de Padoue Church
 Links to sites with information related to today’s celebration and the Batoche National Historic Site

The “Celebrating Indigenous Peoples in Canada: Learning and activity guide” contains both online and printable activities and is offered in both English and French.

This is an interactive tour on the colourful history and culture of the past and present Batoche. The website features video interviews with elders, video and photo highlights from the annual Back to Batoche festivals, Métis music, games, quizzes, photo albums, virtual tours, hundreds of pages of text to learn from, as well as a series of interactive personalized guided tours. Available in both English and French. Created by the Gabriel Dumont Institute. Hint: Be sure and look at the “Resources” tab.

This site has a learning resource guide called Their Voices Will Guide Us - Student and Youth Engagement Guide for educators at all levels to introduce the value of Indigenous women’s and girls’ lives into the classroom and into the minds and hearts of young people.‐bison‐grasslands‐national‐park‐cam‐1

This site highlights the bison and other species living at Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan.
Publisher: Gabriel Dumont Institute
Date: June 19, 2021
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Language: English
Date of Copyright: June 19, 2021
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