Attack of the Roogaroos

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Title: Attack of the Roogaroos
Subject: Stories of Our People, Comics, Stories, Fleury, Pelletier, DePeel, Michif, Werewolf, Roogaroo
Description: This document is the comic “Attack of the Roogaroos!,” which was based on oral histories by Gilbert Pelletier, Norman Fleury, and Joe and Norma Welsh. This story was originally published in the in the “Stories of the Our People” graphic novel. “Stories of Our People / Lii zistwayr di la naasyoon di Michif: A Métis Graphic Novel Anthology” was first published as a graphic novel in 2008 by the Gabriel Dumont Institute. In 2016, the Gabriel Dumont Institute Press repackaged the original stories into a series of five individual comics: “Chi-Jean and the Red Willows,” “How Michif was Lost,” “Whistle for Protection,” and “Attack of the Roogaroos!” To purchase copies of these comics please visit the GDI Press Store.
Publisher: Gabriel Dumont Institute
Date: April 23, 2020
Type: Text Document
Format: .pdf
Identifier: Attack of the Roogaroos Low-Res.pdf
Language: English
Date of Copyright: April 23, 2020
GDI Media Filename: Attack of the Roogaroos Low-Res.pdf

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