Travellers, Tricksters and the Old Man

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Title: Travellers, Tricksters and the Old Man
Creator: Elliott, Jack
Subject: Blackfoot, Siksika, Origins, Cosmology, Napi, Naapi, Trickster
Description: In this essay, Jack Elliott “theorizes a west to east movement of people and language to explain the origins of the Blackfoot people, by taking a fresh look at the existing data and offering an interpretation concerning the topic. As had been previously noted, recognition of prehistoric Blackfoot people living in their traditional territory on the northwest plains is currently assigned by archaeologists to late prehistory. Postulating such a west to east migration of people therefore infers an earlier existence of people farther west, say on the interior plateau during middle prehistory, who may have made that move. Various Blackfoot and interior plateau tribal traditional stories are examined and compared in this essay in an attempt to provide more information and add more weight of circumstantial evidence to support the thesis. A discussion is also offered about the issues of identifying prehistoric migrations of people.”

This essay is copyrighted to the author Jack Elliott and its content can only be used for research purposes. Any other use of this essay shall require Jack Elliott’s written permission.
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Type: Text Document
Date of Copyright: March 13, 2020
Coverage: Alberta, Montana
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