Boucher, John and Nelson Mandela (02)

Title: Boucher, John and Nelson Mandela (02)
Subject: Boucher, John, Mandela, Nelson
Description: This is an image of Nelson Mandela wearing a Métis Sash given to him by John Boucher.
On September 24, 1998 in Ottawa, Senator John Boucher (1938-2010), on behalf of the Métis Nation, wrapped a Métis sash around Nelson Mandela’s waist during the then President of South Africa’s state visit to Canada. When Mandela addressed Parliament later that day, he wore the sash. According to Boucher’s daughter, Dori Halcro, the late Métis senator was told not to touch the South African leader but he nixed that idea and tied the sash around Mandela’s waist and gave him the Métis name, “Diamant” (‘Diamond” in French) because Mandela was a luminous diamond who shone light on his people, and arguably on the entire world. Mandela was one of Boucher’s personal heroes; so this was a great thrill for him. This moment also drew the international spotlight of the world’s media on Canada’s relationship with the Métis.
Date: 1998
Type: Image
Identifier: Boucher 266
Date of Copyright: May 13, 2016
Coverage: Ottawa, Ontario
GDI Media Filename: Boucher 265.jpg

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