Dumont, Frédéric and Exerine (née Lejour) Family, 1935

Title: Dumont, Frédéric and Exerine (née Lejour) Family, 1935
Subject: Dumont, Lejour, Parenteau, Batoche
Description: This photograph is of Frédéric and Exerine (née Lejour) Dumont’s family in 1935. Back row, right to left, oldest child to the youngest: Norman Raymond, Eugene Victor, Albert, Evariste Alexandre, Marie Cecile, Lawrence James (father of Mavis Dumont), Samuel Logan, Emma Stella, Mary Theresa. Front row, right to left: William Allen, Marie Zepherine (aka Exerine) Dumont (née Lejour), August, Frédéric. Frédéric was the son of Isadore (Cha-pi-to-la-ta) and Judith (née Parenteau) Dumont. This image was donated by Mavis Dumont
Date: 1935
Type: Image
Date of Copyright: August 24, 2015
Coverage: Batoche, Saskatchewan
GDI Media Filename: Frederic and Exerine Dumont Family, 1935.jpg

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