Goulet, George R.D.

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Title: Goulet, George R.D.
Creator: Barkwell, Lawrence J. , Goulet, Terry, Lamirande, Todd, and Shore, Fred
Subject: Goulet, George R.D., Law
Description: George Goulet was born at St. Boniface on September 27, 1933. George is the author of the book titled “The Trial of Louis Riel: Justice and Mercy Denied.” This book examines the legal and political intricacies of Riel’s trial, discusses the inapplicable centuries–old British statute under which he was tried and reveals the political, judicial and legal misdeeds, which led to his execution. George practiced law for thirty-five years in Winnipeg, Vancouver and Calgary. He is currently a non-practicing member of the Canadian Bar Association and the Law Societies of Alberta and British Columbia. George now resides in Calgary, Alberta and is a registered member of the Metis Nation of Alberta.
Publisher: Louis Riel Institute
Type: Text Document
Language: English
Date of Copyright: June 4, 2008
Coverage: Manitoba, Alberta
GDI Media Filename: George Goulet.pdf

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