Richard Lafferty: The Muskeg Fiddler

Title: Richard Lafferty: The Muskeg Fiddler
Creator: Gabriel Dumont Institute
Subject: Lafferty, Richard, Fiddling
Description: Richard Lafferty is one of the most accomplished Métis fiddle players in the Northwest Territories. This video is about Richard Lafferty’s life, his music, and his efforts to preserve Métis style fiddling in the MacKenzie River Valley. It is also a documentary about the history of Métis fiddling in the Northwest Territories. Learn about other Northern Métis fiddlers and their contributions to this art form. Join us for an adventure into Métis music north of the 60th parallel. To purchase a copy of this resource please visit: GDIʼs E-commerce Site.
Publisher: Gabriel Dumont Institute
Date: 2002
Type: Image
Date of Copyright: April 15, 2008
Coverage: Northwest Territories
GDI Media Filename: Richard Lafferty.jpg

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