A Thousand Supperless Babes: The Story of the Métis

Title: A Thousand Supperless Babes: The Story of the Métis
Creator: Gabriel Dumont Institute
Subject: Métis History
Description: A Thousand Supperless Babes: The Story of the Métis is a theatrical play and interactive Compact Disc compilation, revealing the history of the Métis through story, song and dance. Set in New York City, far from the Métis homeland, A Thousand Supperless Babes tells a poignant history of a Nation, unfolding using the stories and experiences of Métis individuals and the reminiscences of Honore Jaxon (William Henry Jackson), one of Louis Rielʼs secretaries. Through the use of cast monologues, this play promotes and preserves the tradition of Métis storytelling, as monologues have been created using stories of Métis history told to cast members by their ancestors. The compilation includes the playʼs script in both printed and electronic formats and an electronic Flash Presentation of historical images to be used throughout the performance. The compact disc also includes the musical score, performed by singer/songwriters Andrea Menard and Don Freed, accompanying sheet music, and other information that can be used by teachers and drama instructors to produce and perform A Thousand Supperless Babes: The Story of the Métis. Depending upon the theatre group or drama class, the script can easily be modified to include new stories based on cast memberʼs family stories or other significant events in Métis history. Windows and Macintosh compatible. Acrobat Reader required. To purchase a copy of this resource please visit: GDIʼs E-commerce Site.
Publisher: Gabriel Dumont Institute
Date: 2004
Type: Image
Date of Copyright: April 30, 2007
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