The Métis Alphabet Book

Title: The Métis Alphabet Book
Creator: Fauchon, Joseph Jean, and Mauvieux, Sheldon
Subject: Métis Literature, The Métis Alphabet Book
Description: The Métis Alphabet Book is a unique addition to the creative genre of childrenʼs alphabet books. Author Joseph Jean Fauchon highlights historical figures, significant events, places of interest and other aspects of being Métis to take youthful readers beyond the alphabet to explore the richness of Métis History and culture. Sheldon Mauvieuxʼs softly coloured images, inspired by illustrations and photos, provide an engaging compliment to the text. The Métis Alphabet Book strengthens Métis pride and identity while providing young readers with an informative reference book about the essence of being Métis. To purchase a copy of this resource please visit: GDIʼs E-commerce Site.
Publisher: Gabriel Dumont Institute
Date: 2005
Type: Image
Date of Copyright: April 30, 2007
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