“Opening the ball at Batoche”

Title: “Opening the ball at Batoche”
Subject: North West Resistance, 1885, Battles, Batoche
Description: North-West Rebellion, 1885 – Battles
Batoche, Battle of
Please Credit Public Archives of Canada
“Opening the ball at Batoche” – Peters Album I, p.39
“First shell into Batoche”, Battle of Batoche, May 9, 1885. This photgraph was taken at 8:15 a.m. May 9, 1885 by Captain Peters and shows the first house burning from cannon fire at Batoche. The mounted scouts from either Boulton’s or French’s scouts led Middleton’s advance and can be seen in the picture. The fences in the foreground are the handmade fences of the Métis farmers who have retired to defend Batoche, in the distance beyond the horsemen in the foreground, left. Public Archives of Canada
Similar to RA-7518 and RB-3666
Date: May 9, 1885
Type: Image
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Identifier: R-B2043
Coverage: Batoche, SK
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