Métis Land Rights and Self-Government

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Title: Métis Land Rights and Self-Government
Creator: Leah Dorion, with Darren R. Préfontaine
Subject: Land rights, self-government
Description: Historically, the Métis had an extensive land base throughout the Prairie West and the northern Plains States. How the Métis lost this land base through scrip speculation will be discussed. The dissolution of the Métis’ land base in Western Canada led to their dispersal and their marginalization as squatters known as the "Road Allowance People". The fact that Alberta is the only jurisdiction in Canada that has provided the Métis with a self-governing land base will also be outlined. How the Métis have always fought for self-government and their current move towards self-government and how it is largely built on acquiring a land base with full utilization of all natural resources will also be discussed. Finally, The understanding of the position of the Métis on land claims issues, the importance of land to the Métis and the role of the courts in deciding Métis land claims and resource harvesting rights will all be delineated in this article.
Publisher: Gabriel Dumont Institute
Date: 1700s, 1800s, 1900s
Type: Text Document
Format: Text
Language: English
Date of Copyright: May 30, 2003
Coverage: Canada
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