St. Pierre, Family

Title: St. Pierre, Family
Subject: Photography, Family, Clothing
Description: Photograph of the St. Pierre family posed outdoors. There are two men in the centre back wearing shirts and ties, and two women on either side of them to the far left and the far right. They are both wearing dresses in a chequered pattern. In the front are an older man and woman, both seated, with a young girl standing between them. The old man is smoking a pipe and he is wearing a shirt and vest. The old woman is wearing a dark coloured dress and she is holding the little girls hand.
Publisher: Gabriel Dumont Institute
Date: 1920s
Type: Image
Format: image/jpeg
Identifier: GDI.HP.0102
Language: English
Date of Copyright: May 30, 2003
Coverage: Crescent Lake, Saskatchewan
GDI Media Location: Image DVD 1
GDI Media Filename: mspierre3_09.jpg

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