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Kishkayhtamihk Leur - Tell Time

li swayr _______________________aen mwaa _______________________
anoosh _______________________laarlozh _______________________
itoohtayhk _______________________a mataen _______________________
hen smen _______________________enn mineut _______________________
dimaen _______________________li kaynz _______________________
li paassii _______________________apray mijii _______________________
aen naan _______________________li miljeu di mwaa _______________________
tipishkow _______________________yayr _______________________
zhoornii _______________________jhinii _______________________
leur _______________________kel leur _______________________
a mwachii _______________________wiiputt _______________________
laa ooma _______________________li mataen _______________________
minute going to today tomorrow past early/soon one week dinner the fifteenth afternoon and a half what time middle of the month clock now this morning hour day one year night one month dark morning yesterday
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