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Demonstrative Pronouns 3

Put it there _______________________This is a chair _______________________
These are skunks _______________________This is a dog _______________________
Sit here _______________________That is a shoe _______________________
These are rocks _______________________That is a pig _______________________
That is a book over there _______________________That chair _______________________
Come here _______________________This bird _______________________
These are tables here _______________________ 
Aen sooyii anima Aashtum oota Oota api oohiin lii taab oota Aakoota aashta Lii shikaak ookik Enn shayzh ooma Awaa lwayzoo Aen liivr anima naytay Aen kwashoon anaa Anima la shayzh Lii rosh oohiin Aen shyayn awaa
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