Métis Elders and Veterans

Please be advised that the Gabriel Dumont Institute does not conduct genealogical research.  Basic information—such as enlistment dates, service numbers, wars served etc.—relating to Métis veterans whose names have been engraved on the National Métis Veterans Monument were provided by community members. Therefore, the Institute does not have any further information about the veterans other than what appears on the monument.  

There are some Gabriel Dumont Institute resources that may have some information relating to Métis veterans that you may consult. These include: 

Cathy Littlejohn’s book, Métis Soldiers of Saskatchewan (https://www.metismuseum.ca/resource.php/149740). 

Lawrence J. Barkwell’s book, Veterans and Families of the 1885 Resistance


Saskatchewan-Based Métis Soldiers who Served in WWI, WWII and the Korean War (Ongoing List) (https://www.metismuseum.ca/resource.php/14128). 

Métis Veterans’ Memorial Monument List


For personnel records relating to service members who served in the First and Second World Wars, please consult Library and Archives Canada at these links: 

First World War: (https://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/discover/military-heritage/first-world-war/personnel-records/Pages/personnel-records.aspx). 

Second World War:


For broader assistance relating to your Métis genealogy, please consult: 

Métis Nation—Saskatchewan


St. Boniface Historical Society