Eagle Feather News

Eagle Feather News (EFN) was founded by John Lagimodiere in 1997. John was the owner, publisher, and editor until December, 2021, when he retired from the paper in order to fulfill his other dreams. The paper will continue under new ownership and management.

Eagle Feather News is a high-quality publication dealing with topics of interest to our readers in Saskatchewan's First Nation and Métis communities. Contributing writers such as Maria Campbell, Warren Goulding, Dr. Winona Wheeler, Winston McLean, Dawn Dumont, and Betty Ann Adam deliver smart journalism and commentary to issues such as justice, wellness, business, politics, sports and the arts. Eagle Feather News is the most widely circulated Indigenous newspaper in Saskatchewan and distributes about 120,000 copies per year. The Eagle Feather News website delivers the same fair and balanced coverage of First Nation and Métis news and events from across our territories and averages 15,000 to 20,000 views per month. Eagle Feather News is an independent business. They proudly sponsor a variety of communities and events in Saskatchewan including the First Nation Summer and Winter Games, Team Saskatchewan North American Indigenous Games, Back to Batoche, Gordon Tootoosis Nikaniwin Theatre and many other grass root and non-profit organizations. The staff of EFN have also contributed time and energy to worthy causes and have helped build a better community.

In 2021, Eagle Feather News and Gabriel Dumont Institute entered into a partnership to offer their digital editions on the Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture. These publications are also available on the Eagle Feather News website.