Métis Society of Saskatchewan, Batoche Local Various Documents, 1929-1949

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Title: Métis Society of Saskatchewan, Batoche Local Various Documents, 1929-1949
Subject: Metis Society, Batoche, Minutes, Boyer, Edmond, Paulhus
Description: This document contains letters, newspaper clipping and other documents contained with the minutes of the local. The minutes of the Métis Society of Saskatchewan local at Batoche range from 1929-1949. They are in both French and in English and were written by Edmond J. Boyer, the long-time secretary/treasurer of the local. Unfortunately, many of the pages are not legible. However, the many pages that are legible provide interesting information about the Batoche Métis in the 1920s through the 1940s. Included with the minutes are cheque stubs, names of those involved with the local as well various newspaper clippings related to Batoche and the 1885 Resistance. The Gabriel Dumont Institute would like to graciously thank Henri Paulhus for donating these documents to the Institute. Edmond J. Boyer was his uncle.
Date: 1929-1949
Type: Text Document
Date of Copyright: March 17, 2016
Coverage: Batoche, Saskatchewan
GDI Media Filename: Batoche Metis Local Misc..pdf

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