Hamilton, Eldon Hilyard

Title: Hamilton, Eldon Hilyard
Subject: Hamilton, Edon, Star City, Pembroke, Navy, RCN, Saskatoon Light Infantry
Description: This is an image of Eldon Hilyard Hamilton, originally from Star City, Saskatchewan. He served with the Canadian Army (Saskatoon Light Infantry) and the Royal Canadian Navy during the Second World War. During the Second World War, he served aboard HMCS Prince David during the D-Day Landings and was involved in the liberation of Greece among other actions. He was a gunner. After the war, he served with both the Canadian Army and the Royal Canadian Navy (1950-1954 on the HMCS Crusader, the HMCS Crescent and the HMCS Ontario.

This photograph is copyrighted to the family of Eldon Hilyard Hamilton and can not be used for any purpose.
Date: 1943
Type: Image
Date of Copyright: January 12, 2016
Coverage: Star City, Saskatchewan; Pembroke, Ontario; Europe
GDI Media Filename: Eldon Hilyard Hamilton 1943_2.jpg

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