Perron, Joséphine

Title: Perron, Joséphine
Subject: Stories, Legends, Tricksters, Perron, Josephine, Marie-Louise, Laderoute, Marion, Wesakejak
Description: This photograph is of Joséphine Perron, the paternal aunt of Marie-Louise Perron, a well-regarded Francophone-Métis folklorist and genealogist now based in Ottawa. Joséphine was a traditional storyteller who had a large repertoire of stories.
Date: 1990s
Type: Image
Date of Copyright: November 27, 2013
Coverage: Manitoba, Saskatchewan
GDI Media Filename: JMP_ill4.jpg

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Image Is related to The Persistence of Aboriginal Oral Literature in the Ladéroute-Perron-Marion Family Group

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