Liberation Day Parade 2013 (23)

Title: Liberation Day Parade 2013 (23)
Creator: May Henderson, Photographer
Subject: Métis Veterans, WWII, Liberation Day Parade, Netherlands
Description: Photograph of the Liberation Day Parade, held in Wageningen, Netherlands on May 5th, 2013. The parade commemorates German general Johannes Blaskowitz’s surrender to the Canadian general Charles Foulkes, which ended the war in the Netherlands.
Publisher: Gabriel Dumont Institute
Date: May 5, 2013
Type: Image
Format: .jpg
Identifier: Following Footsteps - May Henderson Photos for Web (194).jpg
Date of Copyright: November 20, 2013
Coverage: Wageningen, Netherlands
GDI Media Filename: Following Footsteps - May Henderson Photos for Web (194).JPG

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