Dumont, Gabriel Tribute Pamphlet, May 6, 1885 (01)

Title: Dumont, Gabriel Tribute Pamphlet, May 6, 1885 (01)
Subject: Dumont, Gabriel, 1885 Resistance, Commemoration, Stamp, Fisher, Statue, Dennis, Jean
Description: This image is of a pamphlet that was handed out to the public during the ceremony honouring Gabriel Dumont. On May 6, 1985, there was a ceremony to honour Gabriel Dumont in Saskatoon. Events included the unveiling of the Gabriel Dumont stamp and first-day cover by Canada Post, the dedication of the Gabriel Dumont Statue and Park, jigging and square dancing by the Gabriel Dumont Dancers, and the official opening of the Marr Residence. This folder contains images relating to the commemoration of Gabriel Dumont during the centenary of the 1885 Resistance. This album (#12 in Dennis Fisher`s Photo Collection) centres around sculptor Bill Epp making the Gabriel Dumont statute in his studio in New Mexico; Dennis and Jean Fisher visiting Epp in his studio; the Fishers and Epp taking the statue to the Dumont family reunion in the summer of 1885; the Fishers and Epp taking the statue to Saskatoon for public display; and having it unveiled on a day of tribute to Gabriel Dumont on May 6, 1985 in Saskatoon. The Gabriel Dumont Statue was originally to be placed in the newly-created Gabriel Dumont Park; however, it permanently rests in Friendship Park in Saskatoon.

This photo album is part of the Dennis and Jean Fisher Collection. This collection contains archaeological artifacts taken from the battlefields of the 1885 Resistance as well as Fort Pitt (Saskatchewan), Cumberland House (Saskatchewan), and St. Peter`s Mission, Montana. The collection also includes various artifacts and ephemera relating to the 1885 Resistance and Gabriel Dumont.
Date: May 6, 1985
Type: Image
Date of Copyright: November 20, 2012
Coverage: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
GDI Media Filename: Dumont, Gabriel Tribute Pamphlet, May 6, 1885 (01).jpg

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