.577 Enfield-Snider Triangular Model Bayonet, 01 (Front)

Title: .577 Enfield-Snider Triangular Model Bayonet, 01 (Front)
Subject: Snider Enfield Rifle, Bayonet, 1885 Resistance, Fisher, Dennis, Jean
Description: This image (by Peter Beszterda) is of one of two .577 Enfield-Snider triangular model bayonets (and/or sheath) from the Dennis and Jean Fisher Collection. This collection contains archaeological artifacts taken from the battlefields of the 1885 Resistance as well as Fort Pitt (Saskatchewan), Cumberland House (Saskatchewan) and St. Peter’s Mission, Montana. The collection also includes various artifacts and ephemera relating to the 1885 Resistance and Gabriel Dumont.
Date: 1870s-1885
Type: Image
Date of Copyright: December 12, 2011
Coverage: Batoche, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
GDI Media Filename: .577 Snider Triangular Model Bayonet 1.jpg

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Category Fisher, Dennis and Jean Archaeological and Historical Artifact Collection