Fort Battleford National Historic Site

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Title: Fort Battleford National Historic Site
Subject: Fort Battleford, Battlefords, Bresaylor, Cochin, Leoville
Description: The Gabriel Dumont Institute, in partnership with Parks Canada, is looking for people who can share Métis history,
information and stories about Fort Battleford, and the surrounding areas around the Battlefords and Bresaylor. The
partners are looking to identify and interview Métis community members who have a connection to these historically and
culturally significant places.

Are you Métis? Do you or your family have a historic and contemporary connection to the areas in and around Fort Walsh,
Fort Battleford or Grasslands National Park? Would you like to share your stories with the partners? If so, please contact me
so we can arrange an interview.

Darren Préfontaine
Gabriel Dumont Institute
2—604 22nd Street West, Saskatoon, SK, S7M 5W1
T: 306.657.5711

If you would like to call collect, please phone 1.877.488.6888 and ask for Darren Préfontaine. Please leave a message with
your contact information if we are unable to speak directly and we will return your call.

Marsii/Thank you for your time and consideration!
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Coverage: Central Saskatchewan
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Category Fort Battleford National Historic Site, Fort Walsh National Historic Site, and Grasslands National Park Consultations, 2011-12