Fleury, Rose, Genealogy Course (23)

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Title: Fleury, Rose, Genealogy Course (23)
Creator: Fleury, Rose
Subject: Genealogy, Fleury, Rose, Métis, Families, Duck Lake, Batoche
Description: Métis Elder Rose Fleury conducted this genealogy workshop on October 3, 1998. The sound quality of this resource sometimes is inaudible. However, the information shared by Elder Rose is invaluable in terms of family information as well as the nature of genealogical work. Rose Fleury is a fluent Michif-French and Cree speaker. Her ancestors include some of the original Métis settlers of Batoche. She now lives in Duck Lake, Saskatchewan, and is an Elder for Batoche National Historical Park. Copyright for the information contained on these video clips rests entirely with Rose Fleury and can only be used for research purposes.
Date: October 3, 1998
Type: Video
Date of Copyright: June 9, 2009
Coverage: Batoche, Duck Lake, Saskatchewan

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