Michif Speakers Conference 2008 Part 3

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Title: Michif Speakers Conference 2008 Part 3
Creator: Gabriel Dumont Institute
Subject: Fleury, Noman, House, Cecile, Bouvier, Rita, Burnouf, Laura, Michif Speakers Conference
Description: In this video, Cecile House provides the opening prayer to the second day of the 2008 Speakers Conference. Norman Fleury provides thanks as well to the Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company for the previous evenings performances. He also thanked Métis veterans and what it takes to preserve the Michif language. David Morin then introduces Rita Bouvier to launch her book, Better That Way. Laura Burnouf reads the story in northern Saskatchewan Michif. Karon Shmon then introduces Bruce Sinclair of the Canada Council who urged conference delegates to seek funding from his agency for their Michif programs.

Bruce Sinclair, funding officer with the Canada Council of the Arts, discusses how Michif projects can be funded. A brief question period followed. Following that, a brief jigging demonstration ensued.

Vince Ahenakew and Duane Favel discuss the attempts of the Ile a la Crosse School Division 112 to preserve Michif. Near the end of the clip Louis Bellrose provides commentary on the project. Vince Ahenakew and Lilah Morin demonstrate the Michif content on the Sakitawak Cultural Site.

On March 14 and 15, 2008, the Gabriel Dumont Institute hosted the National Michif Language Conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Date: March 15, 2008
Type: Video
Date of Copyright: June 11, 2009
Coverage: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario

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