Michif Speakers Conference 2008 Part 1

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Title: Michif Speakers Conference 2008 Part 1
Creator: Gabriel Dumont Institute
Subject: Fleury, Noman, Rose, Chartier, Clément, Michif, Michif Speakers Conference, Doucette, Zoldy
Description: This video file is the opening of the National Michif Language Conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Norman Fleury opens the conference, Rose Fleury, Métis Elder, provides the opening prayer and Métis National Council President, Clément Chartier also provides greetings.

Métis Nation—Saskatchewan President Robert Doucette provides greetings while Norman Fleury and Karon Shmon,of the Gabriel Dumont Institute, set up the agenda for the two-day conference.

Anna-Leah King and Laura Burnouff discuss the Canadian Indigenous Language and Literacy Development Institute (University of Alberta) and its role in preserving Aboriginal languages through its language programs. Karon Shmon also invited other provinces within the Métis Homeland to provide an overview of their Michif program. Darren Préfontaine, of the Gabriel Dumont Institute, presented the Saskatchewan report.

Norman Fleury and Grace Zoldy provide the Michif report for the Manitoba Métis Federation. Elder Grace Zoldy speaks about the importance of preserving the Michif-Cree language and culture.

On March 14 and 15, 2008, the Gabriel Dumont Institute hosted the National Michif Language Conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Date: March 14, 2008
Type: Video
Date of Copyright: June 8, 2009
Coverage: Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario

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