Michif Speakers Conference 2008 Part 2

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Title: Michif Speakers Conference 2008 Part 2
Creator: Gabriel Dumont Institute
Subject: Pelletier, Jeanne, Flamand, Rita, Therrien, Rene, Michif, Michif Speakers Conference
Description: In this video, David Morin, of the Gabriel Dumont, introduces Jeanne Pelletier and Rita Flamand for the launch of "The Story of the Rabbit Dance." Karon Shmon also discusses the importance of using Michif curricula in the classrooms. Following that, Rene Therrien and Colleen Hodgson provide the Michif report for the Métis Nation of British Columbia.

Fran Hyndman provides the Michif report for the Métis Nation Alberta. Louis Bellrose then speaks to the group about preserving Métis culture. Geordy McCaffrey, Executive Director of the Gabriel Dumont Institute, discusses the importance of preserving Michif language and culture. Elder Dorothy Aubichon also speaks Micif to the group, and to conclude the Honourable Carole Skelton, Member of Parliament for Saskatoon-Rosetown-Biggar, announces funding for the National Michif Conference.

Laura Burnouf and Heather Souter sing two songs in Michif. Bruce Sinclair also conducts a one- person play regarding his journey to preserve Michif. Rene Laurin of the Métis Nation of Ontario also provides a Michif report for his province. Bev Worsely introduces Chris Blondeau Perry and described her volunteer work. Chris Blondeau Perry speaks briefly.

Max Morin discusses the importance of preserving Michif. George Fleury also sings some songs in Michif as well. Norman Fleury concludes for the day while Elder Harriet Oaks provides a closing prayer.

On March 14 and 15, 2008, the Gabriel Dumont Institute hosted the National Michif Language Conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Date: March 14, 2008
Type: Video
Date of Copyright: June 7, 2009
Coverage: Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario

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