Dease, William

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Title: Dease, William
Creator: Barkwell, Lawrence, and Préfontaine, Darren R.
Subject: Dease, William, Resistance
Description: William Dease was a prominent French Métis opponent of Louis Riel. He was born at Columbia Lake in British Columbia on 19 September 1827, the son of Chief Trader John Warren Dease and Geneviève Beignet. They moved to Red River three years later. He was a nominated to be member of the (appointed) Council of Assiniboia on 11 June 1867. Dease later became President of the Provincial Agriculture Association of Manitoba and a candidate in the provincial election of 1874. He moved to North Dakota in 1876 where he worked as a commissioner in Pembina County. He died on 9 August 1913 at Leroy, North Dakota.
Publisher: Louis Riel Institute
Type: Text Document
Language: English
Date of Copyright: January 27, 2009
Coverage: British Columbia, Manitoba, North Dakota
GDI Media Filename: William Dease.pdf

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