Poster, Flag of the Métis Nation (04)

Title: Poster, Flag of the Métis Nation (04)
Subject: Flag, Métis Nation
Description: Poster portraying the flag of the Métis Nation, with text by Ronald George Gordon from Voice of Remembrance, 1996: "Brethren, as you look upon this most wonderful flag pause quietly for a moment to consider your internal state of being, and pause further to reflect upon your external situation, the world we share, the universe peacefully surrounding us all. Our blessed flag represents such profound wealth of temporal and spiritual significance, these few words merely begin to convey meaning toward total comprehension. In 1812 the CREATOR bestowed this flag, a profound measure of reassurance, upon our young Métis Nation through an agent of the North West Company. The blue background indicates vast living spiritual reserves to be drawn upon, and also reminds us of an early alliance with this particular fur trading company for blue was their principle colour. The horizontal figure eight symbolizes infinity and indicates two wonderful truths to be treasured forever more. This sacred symbol reminds us that our mortal and spiritual heritages are to be united as ONE. Our mortal heritage was derived from the meeting of two very powerful human cultures and the quiet emergence of a new and distinct people forever more to be counted among the children of this world. From our European Fathers we received the gifted ability to comprehend the totality of our minds, thus we find the universe to be a friendly place. From our North American Indian Mothers we received the gifted ability to remember the totality of our spirits, thus we find the universe to be a friendly place. From generation to generation our Sacred symbol of Eternity will serve to remind us of our temporal and spiritual homelands, of the mortal brethren we began an eternal journey with and of our ETERNAL FATHER – The FATHER of ALL CHILDREN.”
Publisher: Gabriel Dumont Institute
Date: 1996
Type: Image
Date of Copyright: July 31, 2007
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