Poster, Flag of the Métis Nation (01)

Title: Poster, Flag of the Métis Nation (01)
Subject: Flags, Métis History
Description: Photograph of a poster portraying the flag of the Métis Nation and a brief description of its significance: "Our flag has a rich temporal and spiritual significance which mere words fail to convey. The blue background is an indication of vast reserves of spirit to be drawn upon, and relates to an early alliance. The horizontal figure eight is derived from the infinity sign and symbolizes the meeting of the two powerful human cultures and the resultant emergence of a new and distinct people with inherent rights rooted in both cultures. From generation to generation this sacred symbol of the Métis Nation will serve to remind us of our inherent rights to land, self-determination, and pride in our unique cultural heritage which has existed since time immemorial."
Publisher: Gabriel Dumont Institute
Date: 1993
Type: Image
Date of Copyright: May 29, 2007
GDI Media Filename: J0213-9160 [Desktop Resolution].jpg

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