Sketches From the Front (Low Res)

Title: Sketches From the Front (Low Res)
Creator: Grip P. & P. Co.
Subject: Illustrated War News, 1885 Resistance, Métis
Description: This page is horizontal format and contains two washed-out green sketches from two separate scenes of the 1885 Resistance. The caption under the title states that the sketches were: “Drawn on Gabriel Dumont’s paper bags” by F. W. Curzon, “Special Artist with General Middleton’s command”. The captions for the two sketches are: (1) “Camp of the Intelligence Corps, composed of Dominion Land Surveyors, at Batoche, after the fight” and (2) “Fort Carlton, as it appears since burnt down by the Mounted Police under Col. Irvine”.

Publisher: Grip P. & P. Co.
Date: 1885
Type: Image
Format: .pdf
Identifier: CPIWN114.1
Date of Copyright: March 3, 2006
GDI Media Filename: CPIWN114 (Medium).jpg

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