When This Valley

Title: When This Valley
Creator: Don Freed
Subject: Lyrics
Description: When This Valley

When this valley’s no longer a wound that won’t heal
When its story is well understood
May infinity fly where the blue of the sky
Meets the green of the river and gold of the straw
In the valley of old St. Laurent.

When this valley was young it was peaceful and free
And its citizens were friends to all
If a stranger was cold, or hungry or old
They were taken well care of
By an un-written law
In the valley of old St. Laurent.

When the names of its people are held to the heart
Of a land that was built with their blood
Shamrock, Thistle, Oak Tree, Sweetgrass, Fleur-de-lys
All entwined in a braid a hanged poet foresaw
In the valley of old St. Laurent.

©Don Freed

Type: Collection

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