One Year Gone

Title: One Year Gone
Creator: Don Freed
Subject: Lyrics
Description: One Year Gone

One year gone, and the dust that’s barely settled
Rises in the wake of these returning hooves and wheels.
One Year Gone.
Riel is dead and buried.
Gabriel, he’s in the circus where the bears dance for their meals!

We are tamed now
We are beaten!
We will write this in marker stones.
Buffalo no more will come here
We will go and hunt their bones…
From this time we are Frenchmen.

*Mistogosawahk kaytuksunownoh, akwa!

One year gone, and the blood of fallen brothers lies beneath the grasses
Of these wind-swept fields and trails.
One Year Gone,
A knife unseen devises division in one’s nature where one yields and one prevails.

And our women walk in shame
Though their children be sweet and meek
Give them unto their fathers name
He will teach them how to speak .
From this time we are Frenchmen!

Mistogosawahk kaytuksunownoh, akwa!

**Bonne chance, Arcand! Et vous aussi! Beauchemin! Bréland, Caron, Carrière, Champagne, Desjarlais, Dubois, Dufour, Dumas, Dumont, Fayant, Fidler, Fleury, Gariépy, Gervais, Henry, Ladoucer, Lafontaine, Lamirande, Laplante, Ledoux, Lépine, Letendre, Montour, Nolin, Ouellette, Parenteau, Pilon, Poitras, Racette, Régnier, Rocheleau, St. Germain, Tourond, Turcotte, Vandal, Vermette, Villeneuve… Bonne chance mes amis, mes amis brave!

*Cree: “Frenchmen we will call ourselves from now on.”
**Names of those denied compensation for losses after the Battle of Batoche by the Canadian government.

©Don Freed

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