Ride, Gabriel, Ride!

Title: Ride, Gabriel, Ride!
Creator: Don Freed
Subject: Lyrics
Description: Ride, Gabriel, Ride!

Ride, Gabriel, Ride!
Ride, Gabriel, Ride!
With Le Petit* right by your side
Ride, Gabriel, Ride!
Ride, Gabriel, Ride!

In the fall of the year buffalo would run
Gabriel would ride out with his gun
To get some meat for the winter supply
‘cause he knew that his people could starve and die.


He’d hunt until he needed no more
Then he’d hunt for the sick and poor
The lame and the old and the ones with no guns
He called it the “Society of Generous Ones”.


And when they had all they could eat
Gabriel put away Le Petit
Then they’d get out the fiddles and they’d dance and sing
And that’s what they liked more than anything!


©Don Freed

*"Le Petit" – the name Gabriel Dumont gave to his short hunting rifle

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