'Ti Hyacinthe

Title: 'Ti Hyacinthe
Creator: Don Freed
Subject: Lyrics
Description: ‘Ti Hyacinthe

‘Ti Hyacinthe, little flower
You left this world in your blossoming hour
‘Ti Hyacinthe, angels welcomed you so swiftly into their keeping.

No words ever left your lips
Your feet never walked this world
No deed did your hands ever do
Why would some turn their backs to you, Hyacinthe?

‘Ti Hyacinthe you’ve been forgotten
There is no stone with your name upon
You left with the light that streamed through the heavens
One night while Red River lay sleeping.

Tonight beneath these stars
I sing for you this song
And think that you might be
Safe and warm in Kokoms’ arms, Hyacinthe

©Don Freed

Type: Collection

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